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Certified Level III Practitioner of
Reconnective Healing®
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The Reconnection™

Patterns and Grids: All of life, atoms and molecules, even your DNA, the solar system, galaxies, and universe is structured.  Originally the meridian lines, sometimes called acupuncture lines, on our bodies were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet. These grid lines were designed to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us into the entire universe.   Over time we became disconnected from these lines.

The Reconnection™ brings in "new" axiatonal lines that enable us to standardize unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing and ultimately for our evolution.  These axiatonal lines are part of a parallel-dimensional circulatory system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body.   

The Reconnection™ is a powerful process which brings in and activates these new lines, allowing for the exchange of light and information, the reconnection of DNA stands and the integration of ‘strings’ (simultaneous occurring or parallel planes of existence).

The Reconnection™ is done in 2 sessions approximately 1 day apart.  The fee which has been set by Eric worldwide, is $333.   It is strongly suggested that you experience 1-3 Reconnective Healing™ sessions prior to receiving The Reconnection™.

As with Reconnective Healing® many people experience a wide variety of effects shortly after The Reconnection®.  You may find yourself temporarily extremely energetic or tired, or find you have developed or heightened intuitive abilities.   My Reconnection®. was mostly un-eventful until the next day during my extended training class wherein for a short very gifted period of time I was able to physically witness the healing energies between the hands of my fellow Practitioners and the people we were working on.  That gift is now a part of me and my work with you. 

This experience was verbally documented at the time to one of my instructor Renée Coltson, then latter in writing to the other.  Here I can share a portion of that letter with you.

"Although this, "Gift" lasted only for a brief period of time (5-10 minutes), it will forever be indelibly etched into mind that what we are doing is real, and powerful. I know now, that what may be visually viewed as seemingly meaningless movements that we perform over, and around our clients bodies are as real as an x-ray, or MRI in energy passage even though you can not see the transfer.

From that moment on, my understanding and sensitivity level increased immensely, as did my seriousness towards each energy line, point, pattern, and sequence we are shown to address with these frequencies for the benefit of another human being."  Daniel J. Zieler

This is a very powerful energetic alignment in which I will take great care in providing for you.

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