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Reconnective Healing™

The Healing work of Reconnective Healing™ is entered into without mental thoughts of outcomes, inputs, or expectations.  It is experienced with an open request for only that which may serve your highest benefit whatever that may be, free of the mental constructs of the mind which can limit all that which is greater, and which we can not see but only experience.  It is from here where the magic of life in its simplest forms come from, such as birth, rebirths of spirit and life paths, to accelerated or spontaneous healings which can even amaze the technically minded practitioners of standard medicine called Doctors.

This complete letting go process moves one past a place of ego and control.  Many hospice workers witness this experience of "letting go" of ego and acceptance while working with those in the dying process, and it is from here where great healings of spirit can come from.  The goal of a Reconnection Healing Session is for you to experience this type awakening in the form of a healing in what ever area of your life the gift is granted.  For this to happen both the Reconnection Practitioner and the Client step aside from ego to let it happen while the Reconnection Practitioner acts as a conduit of the frequency's he has been trained to feel and channel for the benefit of the person receiving them.

Obviously some physical or emotional condition has consciously brought you to the point where you realize more is needed or a different approach may be required to improve what condition brought you to Reconnective Healing™.  But as the root cause of a heart condition maybe stress, not a faulty heart, one maybe surprised to find that the Reconnective Practitioner not wanting to know what the condition is you are coming for.  In this example of not knowing and not "expecting" in one area may open one up to a healing in another area of your life that may help relieve the true root cause "of the stress" that then further manifested in the heart.  As you can see this approach is a complete departure from the concept of control on a physical plane which allows for higher energies of life which manifest the physical to do so.

Also, the effects of this process can be very subtle and non-apparent at the time of the Reconnection Healing Session, yet they can yield results shortly afterwards to days or weeks later in ways you did not expect.  Of course sometimes the effect can be profound in the present even if you are unconscious in a hospital setting.

Prior to my working on a family member shortly after a serious motor vehicle accident in critical condition in the ICU, we were informed the severe internal injuries were beyond their medical level and transport to a level one trauma center was needed.  Along with this came the notice to be prepared he may not last the time required for the transport team to arrive due to bad weather conditions or the transport itself.

Upon starting the Reconnective Healing™ process I was immediately overloaded by the extended sensations of the internal injuries mirrored in the life field outside his body. Massive shattered energy patterns were felt in many locations and all at different intensities, Yet somehow they began to smooth out and de-energize within the hour of start with no change in physical medical attention given.  The process lasted several hours where the awareness of an energetic non-visible change had occurred. 

He made it to and through transport, where he received both higher level medical care and continued Reconnective Healing time.  After a 10 day hospitalization they released him from the hospital stating he was advanced in his healing process by several weeks.

Was this partly because of the Reconnective Healing™ process he received?  God only knows for sure, But even now after a full recovery he states he recalls feeling the soothing Reconnective Healing process through the pain of injured tissue, bones, and organs. This was my brothers son who's father many years back also lay in critical condition from a motor vehicle incident in a intensive care unit who did not survive the injuries.  I can only wonder if the out come would be different had Reconnective Healing™ been available for him as well?

What you experience if anything during the Reconnective Healing™ process is unique to you. As noted in Dr Pearls book, you may experience tastes, smells, sounds, feelings, tugging, temperature changes, lucid memories, and so on. However, even if you experience none of these sensations, the frequencies are still present. The frequencies are working for you regardless of these sensations or lack of them. How they work with you is completely an individual experience.

The Reconnective Healing™ process is unlike any other you may have experienced.  Unlike other body energy techniques like acupuncture, Reiki, Johrei, Jin Shin, Qi Gong or Pranic Healing, Reconnective Healing™ is a hands off the body process.  It is evident from thousands of Practitioners world wide it is not dealing with normal body energies as those would diminish with distance while the frequencies of the Reconnection can become stronger further away from the body during the session. It is a non-intrusive process causing no pain or physical body manipulations while done in a comfortable position.  To make your appointment click here.

"If you're lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipated.  If you're really lucky, your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of - one in which the Universe specifically has in mind for you."   ~  Eric Pearl


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